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Installers Offered Greater Choice

Installers offered greater choice as Fernox extends scale reducers range.

Leading manufacturer Fernox has extended its range of quality, WRAS approved Scale Reducers. Ideal for areas where water hardness levels exceed 200 ppm, the range of Scale Reducers are suitable for both new and existing installations - providing added boiler protection. The range of Magnetic and Electrolytic devices can be installed onto plastic, copper and brass pipework with either push fit or compression connections.

Following valuable customer research, Fernox has expanded its range of Magnetic and Electrolytic Scale Reducers for domestic usage. Compliant with Part L of the Building Regulations in England and Wales and WRAS approved, the range introduces new push fit and compression fittings, which enable installation into 15 mm and 22 mm pipework. The company’s push fit scale reducers have been designed with simplicity in mind, with no need for additional tools or a non-return valve to be utilised in the installation process.

The Fernox Magnetic Scale Reducer prevents the build-up of scale using magnetic principles, acting as a water conditioner. The devices offer single appliance protection and are ideal for shower heads and kettles, and ensures that should any scale reform – it is far easier to remove.

In addition, the Fernox Electrolytic Scale Reducer alters the structure of the salts that form into limescale, causing the particles to cluster together rather than attach to the pipework and key components of the central heating system. Providing a solution for whole house protection, the products can benefit a range of appliances including boilers.

“The Fernox range of scale reducers have long provided a reliable means of tackling the problem of scale build-up in hard water areas,” explained Francine Wickham, Global Marketing Director at Fernox. “After gaining customer feedback, we have extended the range to include different connection options and to allow for a variety of pipe sizes. This is to ensure that we offer installers ultimate flexibility when it comes to product choice.”

All Fernox Magnetic and Electrolytic Scale Reducers can be installed into horizontal or vertical pipework, are immediately effective and require no maintenance. To adhere to best practice set by Part L, Fernox Scale Reducers should be installed when appropriate as part of a comprehensive protection strategy to help extend the lifecycle of the boiler, reducing the adverse effects of hard water on a central heating system’s efficiency.

The Fernox range of scale reducers is available in all leading plumbers’ merchants. For further information visit or follow @fernox on Twitter.