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Fernox is at the heart of it

When a customer’s central heating system was experiencing difficulties – the only solution was to replace the existing boiler. As part of a system overhaul Allen Hart, from CCH Leeds, utilised a Fernox Water Test Kit and a range of Fernox chemical water treatments. The products helped the company to comply with Part L of the Building Regulations and with the addition of a Fernox TF1 Total Filter – protect and extend the life of the boiler.

CCH Leeds is based in Guiseley, Leeds. Its owner Allen Hart benefits from over 25 years experience of working within the plumbing and heating industry, including time at British Gas. Today, his Gas Safe Registered company has two engineers specialising in domestic boiler installation and servicing.

CCH Leeds was recently called to a three bedroom, semi-detached property in Crossgates Road that was experiencing problems associated with a build up of sludge and scale. Radiators were taking a long time to heat to the required the temperature and the boiler was consistently failing. 

“We installed a new BAXI boiler, and following a quick and simple diagnosis of the system using a Fernox Water Test Kit we determined that the central heating system was heavily sludged,” said Allen Hart. “Best practice meant that the system needed powerflushing, and to aid this process we used Powerflushing Cleaner F5, which helped restore its efficiency by removing sludge, scale and flux residues.” With the new boiler installed and the system thoroughly cleaned, the team from CCH Leeds fitted a Fernox TF1 Total Filter.

“There are very few jobs now where we don’t install a Fernox filter as it’s our go-to solution and recommendation to customers,” Allen went on to say. “It allows us to protect the system by capturing and storing remaining magnetic and non-magnetic debris that could otherwise harm the boiler and heat exchanger. What we really like with the Fernox TF1 Total Filter is the drain valve at the bottom, which means when we go back to service a system – we can simply unscrew it and let out the accumulated debris into a bucket without any mess or hassle. In addition, the filter acts as a practical dosing point for chemical water treatments.”

The final product added to the property’s system via the Fernox TF1 Total Filter was Fernox Protector F1. The Buildcert and ESTR approved inhibitor provides longterm protection against sludge and scale and helps to prevent future corrosion from taking place.

“The Fernox chemicals and filter meant that we could pre-commission the new boiler at the Crossgate property in accordance with Part L of the Building Regulations. In addition, the products allowed us to restore system efficiency and ensure our customers were left with a central heating system that was working properly and ideally set up for servicing in the future.”

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