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Faster, cheaper and lighter: Sentinel JetFlush Rapid® cleans up

Boiler-manufacturer endorsed water treatment specialist, Sentinel, has introduced a new powerflushing machine, the JetFlush Rapid®, to its comprehensive range of high quality products. Meeting increasing demand for a high performance, easy to operate, and ergonomically designed powerflushing machine, the JetFlush Rapid boasts a range of innovative features that help installers to save time and hassle on the job, while improving heating system efficiency, minimising the risk of boiler failure, and preparing systems for protective inhibitor.

Big on performance, the JetFlush Rapid delivers thorough removal of magnetic and non-magnetic debris, while restoring heat and efficiency to domestic heating systems. This is thanks to the unit’s high flow rate of 90 litres/minute (more than twice that of the previous model, the JetFlush4), made possible by a bespoke pump that couples a large, high efficiency impeller with a powerful motor. Instant flow reversal adds extra cleaning power, helping to shift even the most stubborn of dirt by disturbing water flow.

To reduce cleaning time, and thus make powerflushing an easier sell for installers, the JetFlush Rapid is able to clean 20 to 25 radiators from one location thanks to 20 metre head pressure. This means that homes spread over two or three floors – an increasingly popular layout owing to the development of townhouses and loft conversions – can be powerflushed effectively from the ground floor. Saving yet more time is the unit’s combined isolating and dump valves, which allow fuss-free direct flush to waste.

Compact and lightweight, the JetFlush Rapid is the size of a small suitcase and weighs only 17kg, despite boasting a one piece 39 litre tank, so is ideal for difficult to access jobs. Moreover, the unit’s multi-move design – which includes integrated handles and 75mm wheels – and durable construction makes the JetFlush Rapid easy to transport and stable, even when full of water.

The perfect companion to Sentinel’s unique series of chemical cleaners, such as Sentinel X800 Fast Acting Cleaner, the JetFlush Rapid can be used by plumbing and heating engineers as part of a best practice ‘clean, protect, maintain’ approach to water treatment. As recommended by leading boiler manufacturers – and in accordance with the UK Building Services Compliance Guide to Part L – system cleaning should be undertaken before the installation of a new boiler. The whole heating system should then be protected from corrosion and limescale buildup with Sentinel X100 Inhibitor and Sentinel Eliminator system filter. To ensure ongoing protection, an X100 Quick Test can be used to check inhibitor levels after inhibitor dosing and as part of a regular maintenance or boiler service package.

The JetFlush Rapid is available from all leading merchants, and represents excellent value at around 20% less than Sentinel’s JetFlush4, meaning a return on investment can be achieved in just a handful of jobs.

For more information on the JetFlush Rapid, please contact Sentinel on 01928 704330, E-mail: or visit