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Electricity Safety

Think Before you Drill

Life can be lost within seconds or terrible life-changing burns inflicted, if you come into contact with electricity. Either way, back at home your family are left feeling devastated and all because you were in a hurry, got distracted or didn’t bother. Or did you just zone out or plain forget?

The simple step of taking a moment to accurately locate service cables buried underground or within walls, before starting work at a property, can avoid all this and ultimately mean you return home safe that night to your family and friends.
UK Power Networks is running a 'Think before you drill' initiative, reminding workers including electricians, to work safe, use your cable locating tools and think electricity! The company’s vast cable networks deliver more than a quarter of the UK’s electricity making sure the lights stay on across London, the South East and the East of England. It’s proud of its strong safety record, and part of that success is to raise awareness across many industries of the potential dangers of coming into contact with the electricity network.

Everyone has the right to go home safe to their families at the end of each working day. Please take the time to read the safety advice and most importantly, think before you drill.