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30 Second System Dosing?

30 Second System Dosing? Yes we can with new Rapid-Dose™!

- Sentinel launches market’s most innovative aerosol dosing can - Dosing heating systems with Sentinel’s award-winning and boiler-manufacturer endorsed water treatment chemicals just got even easier and faster thanks to the company’s new Rapid-Dose™ aerosol. Already being hailed as the most innovative aerosol product to enter the market, the new, smaller Rapid-Dose features a unique pre-assembled adapter and ‘twist and dose’ mechanism (there’s no need to depress a lever or trigger) that allows easy hands-free dosing of a system in just 30 seconds. This makes it ideal for everyday jobs in addition to service, emergency, pre-dose and social housing applications where time is of the essence.

The new, no fuss, mess-free Rapid-Dose cans are available with Sentinel X100 Inhibitor, Sentinel X400 High Performance Cleaner and Sentinel Leak Sealer chemicals, and can be tried out on a no-risk basis since installers who don’t like the new Rapid-Dose can claim a free bottle of X100 Inhibitor from Sentinel (subject to terms and conditions). Not that Sentinel expects this to be the case:

“We have total confidence that installers will love the new Rapid-Dose. It saves time on site, is incredibly easy to use, can be connected to multiple locations on a system, and there’s no loss of product or spillage. It’s yet another Sentinel product which installers can add to an arsenal of tools that will help give them the edge over their competitors and stand out in a crowded industry,” said Daniel Cheung, UK Trade Marketing Manager for Sentinel.

The unique Rapid-Dose adapter can be used in an extended number of locations, such as via a radiator, male filling loop stop valve, bleed valve, boiler drain valve, and many filters (via the vent pin), giving maximum flexibility to the installer even when working on awkward or difficult to reach systems. Other key updates include a smaller sized can (just 300ml as opposed to 400ml), which makes for easier handling on site and takes up less space in an installer’s kit bag or on a merchant’s shelf.

Rapid-Dose packaging has also been updated to reflect the best practice Sentinel System of ‘Clean, Protect, and Maintain’. For example, the Rapid-Dose can for X400 High Performance Cleaner features an easily identifiable ‘Clean’ logo, whilst X100 Inhibitor and Leak Sealer cans have ‘Protect’ and ‘Maintain’ logos respectively. With these updates, installers can select the right product for the job at a glance, and ensure the delivery of best practice water treatment.

To use Rapid-Dose, installers simply couple the adapter to a system before engaging the twist and dose can (which is made possible thanks to an innovative bayonet design that attaches the adapter to the can). A non-return feature, back-check bullet and visible confirmation of dosing all serve to make the process as simple as possible.

“Like all of our products, Rapid-Dose was developed alongside installers to find out what they want from a water treatment product. For dosing, the engineer’s wish list comes down to easy and simple operation, speed, no mess, and comprehensive options for awkward systems. Rapid-Dose ticks every box.”

“The leading international boiler manufacturers that Sentinel partner with are also excited about the new Rapid-Dose, as it represents another step forward in superior, best practice water treatment solutions that can help deliver lifetime boiler and system protection,” concluded Mr. Cheung.

New Rapid-Dose will hit the shelves of plumbing, heating and builders’ merchants in October 2016, and the no-risk X100 Inhibitor replacement offer will run for a full year. For more information on new Rapid-Dose, please contact Sentinel on 01928 704330 or visit