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CEng Interview in Hong Kong June 2017

Chartered Engineer Interview in Hong Kong
Ir Dr. Eric Wong, Chairman of CIPHE-HKB

Water is essential to us. It is necessary to provide high quality potable water to users via a building's water supply system.

Apart from the government's effort to ensure there is a good quality water supply, plumbing professionals play a key role with respect to the design, construction and operations of a healthy plumbing system.

In Hong Kong, plumbing professionals are required to have practical waterworks experience and also possess professional qualifications in Plumbing. Members of the Chartered Institute of Plumbing and Heating Engineering (CIPHE) fulfill the requirements and they are able to contribute to the improvement of quality water works.

Chartered Engineer (CEng) is the highest professional status that can be applied for via CIPHE. It is also a worldwide recognised professional qualification awarded by the Engineering Council.

CIPHE Hong Kong Branch has paid a lot of attention to its efforts in preparing for the CEng interview. An interview working group has been set up to prepare, organise and conduct the interviews. All of the interviewers are highly qualified volunteers who's time and value continues to be greatly respected.

CEng interview in Hong Kong
Ir Dr. Eric Wong , Chairman of CIPHE-HKB, visited working group before one of CEng interviews in Hong Kong

Increasing numbers of Chartered Engineers will be confirmed via CIPHE in Hong Kong in future. No doubt they will contribute their professional knowledge to the water services industry and upgrade the professional level of plumbing engineering in Hong Kong.