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Guest Blogs

  • Government commitment to reduce water waste is an opportunity for installers

    The Government has published a Ministerial Statement by secretary of state George Eustice outlining measures to take forward supporting water-efficient homes, as part of its 25-year Environment Plan to achieve clean and plentiful water. 

    Date Posted:11 Jul 2021

  • Engineering Council - Making It Work

    On 21 April the Engineering Council will be running a free event which is relevant to all your members. This may be of particular interest to members considering, or working towards, professional registration and to employers who want to support the competence of their engineering staff. 

    Making It Work – Using professional standards and guidance to develop engineering competence for a sustainable world

    Date Posted:1 Apr 2021

  • Unified Water Label Guest Blog

    New Water Efficiency Campaign For InstallersThe Unified Water Label
    As we begin 2021, the Unified Water Label Association is launching a new campaign, designed to help installers understand the benefits of using and promoting bathroom products that carry the Unified Water Label.

    Date Posted:10 Feb 2021

  • Rinnai - Industrial Associate Insight

    Rinnai is now offering all sites, especially those in Healthcare, a ‘Help Me Choose’ facility via the company’s own digital touchpoints.  This service is being emphasised in conjunction with ‘now’ being an ideal time to replace old, inefficient stored water systems which may be causing emergency breakdownsRinnai Industrial Associate

    Date Posted:10 Feb 2021

  • Heating Installer Awards

    There hasn’t been much to celebrate over the past year, with obvious global crises largely putting a dampener on most things for most people.

    This means that this year’s Heating Installer Awards are more important than ever, as we really want to praise the hard work that installers have been doing over what has been a particularly hard year.

    Heating Installer Awards

    Date Posted:10 Feb 2021

  • Low Carbon Workspaces grant scheme

    Low Carbon Workspaces helps small to medium sized enterprises in; Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and Northamptonshire, identify energy reduction opportunities and subsidises the cost of energy efficiency solutions. 

    Low Carbon Workspaces

    Date Posted:4 Dec 2020

  • New whitepaper from Uponor explores the challenges facing high-rise construction

    CIPHE member, Uponor, has just released a new report which reveals that key sections of the construction industry do not feel equipped to deal with the current demands of high-rise construction. Here, Dave Lancaster, Senior Segment Manager – Commercial, explains more:

    Date Posted:17 Sep 2020

  • Rinnai - An information hub for any query on the uninterrupted supply of hot water for all cleaning and hygiene in healthcare sites

    CIPHE Industrial Associate Member Rinnai is now offering a new service - a dedicated information hub - for all essential works installers and contractors in maintaining a constant and uninterrupted flow of hot water supply to all key and critical sites.

    Date Posted:30 Apr 2020

  • Unlimited hot water supply - Rinnai support for essential works now maintained and continued

    CIPHE Industrial Associate Member Rinnai continues full support services to essential works during the lockdown.

    Rinnai’s operational support to Essential Works during the lockdown so far has had such a positive response, they have committed to their continuation for the duration of the lockdown and beyond. Provided there is a constant supply of gas and water, Rinnai units are guaranteed to supply temperature accurate hot water in unlimited quantities, for all hygiene regimes, in all types of healthcare sites or temporary accommodation.

    Date Posted:30 Apr 2020

  • Rinnai - Industrial Associate Insight

    Rinnai is offering their installer & contractor customers FREE audits on all sites in order to maximise energy and financial efficiency in the delivery of hot water at the point of use. Maximising efficiencies can lead to fuel savings, alone, of up to 30% on current energy prices as the hot water is heated only when it is used - turn the tap off and the energy costs stop immediately.

    Rinnai Industrial Associate

    Date Posted:10 Mar 2020

  • LawExpress - Coronavirus Guidance

    As the Nation battles with the new Action Plan - see our website for further guidance on Employment and the Coronavirus

    About the coronavirus

    It can lead to respiratory illness, a runny nose, sore throat, cough and fever. Severe symptoms can be pneumonia and breathing difficulties, and, in rare cases, death.

    LawExpress Coronavirus Guidance

    Date Posted:10 Mar 2020

  • ICO - Data Protection Fee

    The Data Protection Fee: does your company need to pay?

    The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), the UK’s data protection regulator, has launched a campaign to remind small organisations, small companies, and SMEs of their legal responsibility to pay a data protection fee.

    Information Commissioners Office

    Date Posted:10 Mar 2020

  • Copronet

    Copronet- At last, simple technology that helps contractors to find new work and streamline their workflow.

    The CIPHE has joined forces with Copronet to bring you an easy to use platform to save you time and money. From design to post completion, Copronet networking and project management tools make each step easier.

    Date Posted:15 Oct 2019

  • Water Saving Week

    WaterSafe is helping to pull the plug on water wastage by encouraging homeowners to potentially save thousands of litres of water a year by fixing leaky taps.

    A guest blog by WaterSafe for the fifth Water Saving Week, (29 April – 3 May).

    WaterSafe Logo

    Date Posted:19 Apr 2019

  • Sir Denis Rooke Memorial Lecture

    Sir Denis Rooke Memorial LectureAt IGEM, we understand the importance of sharing, whether that’s knowledge, expertise or simply our time and effort. We relish the opportunity to learn from each other whenever we can, which is why we are inviting CIPHE members to join us free of charge at our next major industry event.

    Our Sir Denis Rooke Memorial Lecture is the seminal event of our calendar and in the past has attracted the most prominent of speakers to share with us their wisdom and experience. This year, we are proud to announce that Dame Judith Hackitt will deliver the 2019 lecture following her exemplary leadership in the wake of the Grenfell tragedy.
    Institution of Gas Engineers & Managers

    Date Posted:8 Mar 2019

  • Which? Endorsed

    The CIPHE has joined forces with Which? Trusted Traders to help members stand out even further to consumers.

    Which Trusted Trader

    Date Posted:20 Feb 2019

  • Water Efficiency

    UK register of approved plumbers WaterSafe partners with the Home Builders Federation on water efficiency

    A guest blog by WaterSafe Published on 20 Sep 2018

    WaterSafe Logo

    Date Posted:7 Feb 2019

  • #noVANber

    November saw the launch of the online #noVANber campaign by UK plumber Peter Booth, in an attempt to fightback against this epidemic that could be costing installers their livelihoods.

    A guest blog for the CIPHE in association with SG Fleet

    #noVANber - Sign the petition

    Date Posted:14 Dec 2018

  • 5 Marketing tips to grow your business

    As a tradesman we know you are busy out and about driving to and from clients houses but times have changed and you cannot rely solely on word of mouth anymore. Thinking about different ways to market your business doesn’t need to be daunting and it’s pretty simple to do once you get going.

    This article was written for the CIPHE by Emma Stapleton (COO of TenderSpace).

    TenderSpace Logo

    Date Posted:14 Dec 2018

  • How to tackle strange tastes and smells in drinking water

    WaterSafe launches a film and advice from water quality experts, plumbers and the Drinking Water Inspectorate on the causes of taste and smells in tap water - and how to avoid them.

    A guest blog by WaterSafe Published on 20 Sep 2018

    WaterSafe Logo

    Date Posted:11 Oct 2018

  • 5 Ways You Can Take Your Business to The Next Level

    Your business is up and running and now you are thinking of taking your business to the next level. Taking the plunge can be daunting so we have come up with five ways that can help you grow and make your business a success.

    This article was written for the CIPHE by Emma Stapleton (COO of TenderSpace).

    TenderSpace Logo

    Date Posted:11 Oct 2018

  • Collaboration - The Future for Construction?

    Collaboration is an expression that is being used more and more often in connection with construction these days, but what exactly is it and why is everyone talking about it? What does it involve and why is it off-putting for some people?

    A guest blog written for the CIPHE by Emma Stapleton (COO of TenderSpace).

    TenderSpace Logo

    Date Posted:26 Jul 2018