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Don’t do it yourself!

If you have been waiting for the long Easter bank holiday weekend to get that DIY project off the ground, step away from your tools and think carefully first. While most of us can do a half decent job of painting a wall, or replacing that door handle that always gets stuck, there are some jobs that should definitely be left to a skilled tradesperson.

The professional body for the plumbing and heating industry, the Chartered Institute of Plumbing and Heating Engineering (CIPHE), has issued a warning against uninformed DIY on plumbing systems.

Paul Harmer, Technical Director at the CIPHE, urged householders to be cautious, “The DIYer has to abide by the same regulations as the qualified professional, so if you are planning work on your plumbing systems, you really do need to be competent to do so. There are a number of things that can go wrong, from leaking or damaged pipes, to misconnections resulting in water contamination. We are not just talking about causing extensive water damage to your home, you could also put your family’s health at risk.”

If you run into issues it could potentially cost you a lot of money to put things right, especially if your home insurance policy does not cover accidental damage, or cover claims if you have attempted work that you are not competent to do.

Plumbing and heating engineers undertake years of training to become qualified, so if you are planning on undertaking a major plumbing or heating job, you should always employ a professional. You can find a qualified plumbing or heating installer in your area by visiting or ringing 01708 472791.