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Don’t delay – Christmas is on its way!

Christmas is just around the corner and there is so much to do! It can be easy to let things slide, but some things are just too important to ignore. For instance, are you having problems with your heating or hot water system? Or does your toilet not flush quite like it used to? If the answer is yes, then the likelihood is it will get worse, or stop working altogether. Apart from the great inconvenience a broken boiler or toilet may bring, nobody needs an extra strain on finances on the run up to Christmas. 

It is therefore essential to make sure everything is in good working order before disaster strikes. Paul Harmer, Lead Technical Consultant at the Chartered Institute of Plumbing and Heating Engineering (CIPHE) has the following advice: “If you are having problems flushing the toilet, or that dripping tap is driving you mad, you really do need to give your plumbing system some TLC. These little annoying problems have a habit of turning into something a lot more expensive to fix (and unpleasant to deal with), so at the first sign of an issue, call in your local professional plumber.” 

“To help prolong the life of your boiler, get it serviced once a year by a professional, registered engineer. This will cost a fraction of the price of a boiler repair, replacement or emergency callout. Additionally, if it’s running smoothly and efficiently in the first place, you have less chance of a break-down and you will also save on your energy bill.”

And it’s not just about lessening the risk of breakdown. “Well maintained boilers are safe boilers. Boilers that aren’t regularly serviced may also develop problems that could lead to issues such as Carbon Monoxide poisoning. This gas has no smell or taste and can have fatal consequences if it isn’t detected. Ask yourself if you can afford the risk?” 

The CIPHE is the professional body for the plumbing and heating industry and has a register of qualified plumbing and heating installers. To find one in your area visit, email phone 01708 472791.