Different ways to market your business

5 marketing tips

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This article was written for the CIPHE by Emma Stapleton, COO of Copronet (formerly TenderSpace).


As a tradesperson, we know you are regularly busy, out and about driving to and from clients houses, but times have changed and you cannot rely solely on word of mouth anymore. Thinking about different ways to market your business doesn’t need to be daunting and it’s pretty simple to do once you get going.

1. Establish your brand

Focus on what makes you stand out from your competitors, think about the key skills you have and don’t spread yourself too thinly. Use your logo to its full potential; whilst we expect your van is branded why not think about getting some polo shirts with your logo printed on the front, not only does it look smart it’s another way to get your name out there. Make sure your customers know what trade associations you belong to and the qualifications you have to back your skills. This will all be the basis of your marketing and what goes into establishing your reputation.

2. Set up a website

Customers expect you to have some sort of online presence these days and creating a website is low cost and simple to do. It doesn’t have to be exceptionally creative, you can usually choose one of the providers templates to suit your business. Things you are should include are:

  • Your logo
  • Contact details
  • Your qualifications and any trade associations are you registered with
  • A list of jobs you can carry out
  • High-quality images of your work
  • Customer testimonials

Having all these present on your site will help to build your credibility. It’s important to keep it updated and linked to active social media accounts.

3. Be Social

Most businesses have company pages on social media now and why not utilise it, after all it is free! It’s a brilliant way to get yourself in front of potential customers. There are many platforms out there but we would recommend Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. It depends how much time you want to put into it but having at least one of these platforms such as Facebook will help to enhance your business. Treat it as your shop window, encourage customers to leave reviews and show people your great work. Remember, like your website, you need keep on top of your profiles, posting regularly and of course responding to comments and messages in good time.

5 marketing tips

4. Send emails

Email marketing can be a powerful tool, however, if you are emailing a potential customer for the first time you must ensure they consent to marketing messages. This is another great way to showcase what you and your business offer, and another route to your website and social media pages. If you want to offer a discount or share some news about the business email marketing is a good idea, maybe you have partnered up with another tradesman and can offer more than one service as a team. The best thing about this is that it can be done for free via one of the online email marketing platforms. Make sure to use an eye-catching subject title though so that it encourages your customers to open the email.

5. Hand out business cards and flyers

Aside from the online marketing, having a set of business cards in the van is really useful and low cost. A lot of people like to be handed a business card, especially if you are quoting for a job and giving them more than one can help with spreading the word to their family and friends. There are a percentage of people that are not online so you need to cover both aspects of the marketing. Flyers are a good idea to have printed, door to door marketing does take a lot of time but it’s another thing to consider when trying to build your client profile.

Aside from marketing your business great customer service goes very far when it comes to retaining your customers. You want them to use you time and time again and ideally to recommend you to their family and friends. So, going the extra mile for your customers is important; make sure you arrive on time, offer to take your shoes off and look professional. Follow up on your jobs to ensure your customers are happy and this will go a long way when it comes to growing your business.

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