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FP7 European Projects


This European Commission funded project aims to produce prototype modular renewable heating systems that can be retrofitted. The project ended officially in the summer, but data from the trial sites is still being processed and will be displayed on the project website as it becomes available. The SmartHeat system utilises phase change material thermal stores, sophisticated electronics and a novel pipe identification system to make the whole system. The link to the project website is:


So, what is Eagle….? It is a European Commission funded project to try to build a website to automatically identify and measure roofs then assess their suitably for solar panels (both photovoltaic (PV) and thermal).
The website is simple to use: a user merely selects their property of interest; which sets off a highly complicated process, which is not visible to the user. The end result for the user is a professionally presented report on the suitability of the property. The report can include a range of information, such as what the amount of electricity or heat that could be produced and an estimation of the return on investment.

CIPHE are the project coordinators and the anticipated benefits for members will be free access to the EAGLE website to enable authoritative and independent assessments of a customer’s proposed solar site. The project will conclude at the end of 2014. Details can be found at and on Twitter at @eagle_FP7 . The latest EAGLE publications can be viewed as follows:

Eagle for dummies
Eagle flyer