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About find a plumber

All too often, the plumbing and heating profession gets a bad name and it's frequently down to poor workmanship or overcharging by people not qualified to call themselves a plumber.

Although the CIPHE has complaints and disciplinary procedures in place, complaints from members of the public against CIPHE members are, thankfully, rare.

To help reduce any risk or finding out when it's too late, the CIPHE 'Find a Plumber' service provides members of the public the ability and confidence to search within their own area, for a properly qualified and experienced professional member of the CIPHE.

The CIPHE 'Find a Plumber' directory consists of Registered Plumbers and Registered Heating Professionals who have opted to be included within the directory in order to have their contact details promoted to the public.

It does not therefore contain details of all CIPHE members. If you wish to verify the credentials of a member of the CIPHE that you cannot find in this directory you can use the 'Verify a Member' tool on this website (if you have their membership number). Alternatively contact the CIPHE on 01708 472791.

All CIPHE members in business are required to be appropriately insured for the work that they undertake. It is the responsibility of the consumer to ensure that the plumber/heating engineer that they employ is appropriately insured.