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Removals from the Register

The following list includes details of individuals who have been removed from the CIPHE Registers following a complaint investigation:

Name Location Date of removal
Mr D Marsh East Sussex 27/10/2021 
Mr J Scarrott  Kent 06/01/2021 
Mr N Murray Essex  26/08/2020 
Mr A Winslade London 08/07/2020 
Mr M Middleton Essex  21/02/2020 
Mr Mr D Blackie   Wessex  21/08/2019 
Mr D Morgan   London  21/08/2019
Mr N Whitaker   London  21/08/2019
Mr L C Murrell  London  18/04/2019 
Mr S M Walker  London 06/11/2018 
Mr R Costello Kent 19/04/2017
Mr L Walker Powys 19/04/2017
Mr L A Neal East Sussex 19/04/2017
Mr A P Kingman Hampshire 07/12/2016
Mr A Paull London 13/01/2016
Mr C Mullins London 17/08/2015
Mr J C Holt  Cheshire 16/04/2015
Mr C Bull  Hampshire 16/04/2015
Mr D J Gilvear  Avon 14/08/2014
Mr L Ryalls   Nottinghamshire 14/08/2014
Mr R Wallace  Surrey 14/08/2014
Mr R F Chambers  Hampshire 25/06/2014
Mr D T Greensmith  Leicestershire 25/06/2014
Mr I Nadji  Essex 25/06/2014
Mr P Demarzo  Kent 17/04/2014
Mr J R Napoli  Isle of Skye 17/04/2014
Mr M Davis  Kent 17/04/2014
Mr R C Gillman  Essex 26/02/2014
Mr P Wyllie  Hampshire 22/11/2013
Mr M A M Vasco  London 22/11/2013
Mr N G Coughtrey  Kent 22/11/2013
Mr M J Tracey  London 14/02/2013
Mr K D McDonald  Shropshire 14/02/2013
Mrs M Feerick-Dornan   Kent 14/02/2013
Mr M J Potts  Cambridgeshire 14/12/2012
Mr D P Mercer  Kent 10/10/2012
Mr Hartley Avon 20/06/2012
Mr S Coles West Sussex 02/05/2012
Mr M R Simmons  Lincolnshire 10/02/2012
Mr J C Higgleton  Surrey 05/01/2012
Mr A R Muhy  Kent 13/10/2011
Mr B P Wildego  Essex 17/08/2011
Mr J Murray  West Midlands 15/06/2011
Mr S Dale  Wiltshire 21/04/2011
Mr S L Richardson   Essex 17/01/2011
Mr W A A Beaumont  East Sussex 15/12/2010
Mr G L Crew  Kent 15/10/2010
Mr P Pidduck  Oxfordshire 12/05/2010
Mr P J Ashby  Devon 07/05/2010
Mr D Morley  South Yorkshire 14/04/2010
Mr M J Duffey  Dyfed 11/03/2010
Mr G Chandler P Wiltshire 03/03/2010
Mr P Gibson Lancashire 03/03/2010
Mr M Smith  Cambridgeshire 13/01/2010
Mr A Liddell  Hertfordshire 16/12/2009
Mr R Donovan  Hampshire 16/12/2009
Mr F Keenoy  London 16/12/2009
Mr A Mapletoft Nottinghamshire 13/11/2009
Mr C R Laker  East Sussex 14/10/2009
Mr D Boyle  Scotland 10/09/2009
Mr T R Courquin  West Sussex 18/06/2009
Mr A W Good  London 09/04/2009
Mr J A Scott  North Yorkshire 02/01/2009
Mr N J Denny  Kent 03/12/2008
Mr G B Maynard   South Yorkshire 14/11/2008
Mr S F English  Essex 14/11/2008
Mr R E Clubbe  Dyfed 16/10/2008
Mr K Avery  Oxfordshire 16/10/2008
Mr S Tuohy  Lincolnshire 25/06/2008

These individuals are no longer permitted to use CIPHE Insignia, Logos or designatory letters. For further information please contact Maxine Rouse - Professional Standards Administrator