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Professional Standards Inspectors

The CIPHE need more qualified and experienced members to join their unique team of Professional Standards Inspectors (PSIs).

PSIs assist the Election & Enrolment Committee with assessments/inspections of non-standard applicants and the Registration Authority with regard to the inspection of certain complaints.

If you are enrolled with the CIPHE at Member or Fellow level and registered with the Engineering Council, and are interested in assisting with these important duties, please contact Lesley Challis (tel. 01708 463108; email for further information.

Membership Ambassadors

We are on the look out for volunteers to assist with membership recruitment, via colleges in their locality, educational bodies, merchants etc. 

Think back to the time when you were a Trainee or an Apprentice! Would you have valued someone in the business coming along and giving you their expert advice and knowledge to assist you in your future career path? Now is your chance to do it for future professionals...

If you can spare a few hours of your time each month to help promote the CIPHE and the benefits of belonging to the professional body for the plumbing and heating industry, please contact Michele Goss -