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Student Study Section

It has already been established that many colleges and students use the CIPHE website as part of their syllabus and associated studies.

It is intended for this section of the website to further enhance the student's study potential, by including useful information that would in the past have been considered invaluable information for a students hand book. This site will be regularly updated and will eventually contain drawings, tables, equations and simple calculation examples from all areas of our industry, including hot and cold water, drainage, heating and gas.

General Plumbing Knowledge

60 Essential Health and Safety Guidelines

The A-Z of the Water Regulations

Sustainable Drainage Systems (SUDS)

Thermostatic Mixing Valves(TMV)

Flue Sizing Options

Health and Safety: Personal Protective Equipment

Oil Storage Regulations

How to Bend Copper Pipework Accurately and Efficiently

The Plasterboard Problem

Reducing Water Wastage

Terminology used in Plumbing