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    Emmeti UK

    Address:Mr Jon Arntsen, Emmeti UK, 6 Tannery Yard, Witney Street , Burford , Oxon , OX18 4DW

    Phone: 01993 824900

    Fax: 01993 824990


    • The Application of Manifold Systems

      Duration: 1 Hour
      Type: Plumbing and Heating Manifolds

      The application of manifold systems
      Part 1: An introduction to manifold based heating and plumbing systems:-
      Difference between existing methods, and proposed method
      Key attributes of manifold systems - generic product features and benefits, installation and maintenance benefits and issues, commercial issues and advantages, post installation maintenance benefits.

      Part 2: Heating manifold systems - specific field installation examples (images and information), different types (3 types), advantages/disadvantages of types and where to use them.

      Part 3: Plumbing manifolds - specific field installation examples (images and information), different product options, the key feature benefits, advantages and disadvantages.

      Part 4: Summary and questions