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Budget Comment

The Chartered Institute of Plumbing and Heating Engineering (CIPHE) welcomes the chancellor’s initiatives to support skills and training, the construction industry and increased use of renewable technologies.

Commented Blane Judd, chief executive of the CIPHE, the professional body responsible for education and driving up standards within the plumbing and heating industry:

“If we’re going to be able to meet the new target for carbon reduction set today by the Chancellor, the Government must ensure that investment made in the development of skills delivers the right type and level of qualifications to produce young men and women with the necessary levels of skill required by the marketplace to tackle the carbon war. Previous government schemes have failed because the level and type of qualifications provided have fallen short of industry expectations.

“We must also not forget that a large amount of carbon is produced in the home and there is a lot more we can do to reduce this through the correct installation and maintenance of efficient plumbing and heating systems. By driving up the standards of education within building services engineering we will create competent installers who in turn will increase the confidence of consumers in renewable technologies.”