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Dangers of DIY

Putting up a couple of shelves is one thing, but trying a bit of DIY on your plumbing or heating system can not only be dangerous and expensive, but could also drop you in hot water with the law!  Many people are happy to do minor jobs like changing a tap washer but for anything else you are best to leave it in the hands of the professionals. If you do not know 100% what you are doing, DIY interference with plumbing and heating systems can result in serious damage, expensive repair bills and potential health hazards.

The DIY householder is subject to the same regulations and controls as the professional plumber and everything connected to water supply has to comply with statutory requirements. Minimum standards for sanitary plumbing and drainage installations are laid down by law in the interest of public health and safety. Contravention can lead to prosecution and the possible imposition of substantial fines.

Don't take the risk of endangering your property, your own or your families health or risk breaking the law. For your plumbing and heating problems always call the expert services of your local Registered Professional.


Reduced VAT on energy efficient products

The supply and installation of energy saving products in your home may qualify for a reduced rate of VAT.  For further information please read five percent VAT


Helpful Technical Information

Our Technical FAQ sheet has lots of useful information on a variety of topics including: boilers; hot water temperatures; water conditioners; sealed heating systems; water pressure etc.